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Study Smart with Chris can help you to achieve higher grades, spend less time studying, have more productive study sessions and better retain your study matter by offering:

1. An online workshop that helps you to understand how to study perfectly. In short videos, I explain in a clear but light-hearted way how to forget less by going back over what you have revised in a timely manner, stop procrastinating, read only the most important parts of the study matter, take smart notes, make mind maps, maintain concentration, draw up an organized and achievable time planning system and much more. Learn more in this video.

2. The study tool makes you practice the strategies for studying effectively. Inside the system, you can make flashcards, notes and mind maps on all the types of study material you want. The tool plans your reviews to make you forget less and it schedules your breaks to make sure you remain focused. It also measures your concentration and notifies you when you lose it. You can study together with friends and classmates, or study alone. Learn more in this video.

3. Over 380.000 revisable summaries of the platform are made by other students who made flashcards and notes on study materials. You can edit them, practice them, or print a fill summary (in PDF). Learn more in this video.

4. The e-book explains everything you need to know about effective studying. Reading techniques, note-taking techniques, reviewing techniques and much more is explained in this straightforward e-book. Learn more in this video.

5. Premium support. Our goal is to help you be successful in your studies. That’s why we offer premium support via our study coaches. You can call or text them via WhatsApp, or send them an email. They provide support on the study methodology we train you on in the workshop only. They can’t help you with your content.

You can study any subject using our tool, but it works best for subjects that require a lot of memorizing and understanding information, as opposed to practically applying it. The core strength of the tool is helping you fight your way through long, difficult text books where you have to learn by heart dozens of pages with terms and concepts.

For example, Study Smart is very popular with students who have courses in Law, Medicine, History, Business, Economics and Teaching, but limited for practicing mathematic problems.

Study Smart is different than most study tools because it is not based on one popular method or way of learning: it helps you become more successful at studying by improving a whole range of study habits. Study Smart helps you to develop and apply the following study skills:

1. Learning to structure and organise

Keep an eye on the structure to understand how your material is put together and how the content is organized. Check the Reading guide and the Table of Contents before you study a new unit of your material. It helps you understand the main ideas of the unit, and their relationship.

Why? When you study something new, you should learn the main ideas first. After doing so, you study the details. This top-down approach helps you to understand your study material faster, because your mind constantly compares the supporting details to the main concepts that you already are familiar with.

2. Reading and writing better

Separate important points from secondary issues. Summarise your material with short notes and flashcards. This helps you understand what is truly important in your material. Flashcards are especially efficient, because when you ask questions about the text, you naturally check whether you understand what you have read or not.

Why? Summarizing terms, definitions and concepts in your own words or with self-made illustrations boosts your learning and retention, as it makes you extract the core meaning of the material.

3. Stronger and faster memory

Use our Review mode to answer flashcards, find missing key-words, and learn from other students’ summaries. Understanding different ways of phrasing shows you whether you really understand the core of a topic.

Why? Active learning includes every form of studying that requires more mental effort than just reading e.g. rephrasing, applying, exemplifying or explaining things to others. This type of active retrieval is very effective for memorisation, because you do not simply recognize answers but you recall them from inside of your memory.

4. Time management

Set your study session time for 50 minutes studying and 10 minutes break for optimal results. If you struggle to maintain your attention, try the Pomodoro technique with 25 minutes long sessions and 5-10 minutes breaks.

Why? If you are constantly studying the same material for long hours, the material is no longer being registered by your brain as important. Since the brain responds to new impressions, taking study breaks will enable you to stay conscious about what you are memorizing.

5. Motivation

Study Smart sends you automatic email reminders when you study session is due: after 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month.

Why? Spaced repetition means that you review and practice a material in different study sessions, for example a few hours or days later. A number of studies have found that time lags between study sessions boost learning. The more you repeat, the better you can recall information.

6. Focusing

Use the Concentration monitor when you are likely to get distracted and browse unrelated websites (cat pictures, Facebook etc.). Study Smart starts “buzzing” when you stop being active for too long.

Why? Learning new things efficiently requires focus and undivided attention. Unlike in the “diffused” learning mode where you use a casual, relaxed approach to come up with novel ideas, you use a “focused” mode to learn ideas, concepts that are at least somewhat familiar to you.

Study Smart is a tool with which you make notes, flashcards and mindmaps on existing study materials that you already have such as books, articles, presentation slides. You can even use it to take notes on classes. In a nutshell, it’s a tool for creating, exchanging and reviewing your study summaries.

Please watch the video below to get a quick and clear introduction on how the study tool works.

Tip: You can practice either on your desktop or on your phone: Available for Android and iPhone.

Did you ever learn how to study? We’re guessing probably not – in fact, we’re pretty sure you didn’t. That’s why, if you are studying something, Study Smart can help you do it much better!

Students of any age, education level, or study type can use Study Smart to create, exchange and review summaries while improving their study skills.

Study Smart is most fitting for:

Primary school students – Children get started with studying in the best way possible, by nurturing important life skills right from the beginning. By making studying an interactive experience with mindmaps and reviewing tools, the pupils can grow to love and enjoy learning.

High school students – Young students learn how to make the most out of their study time while they confidently prepare for key exams, including entry exams for their dream university.

University students – University students often have to cope with highly advanced study materials while they have to manage their education fully independently. Study Smart is an ideal tool for them to manage their transition from high school and ensure they succeed at their studies.

Teachers – Educators of any level can use Study Smart to prepare study materials for their students, which the students can study at home individually or in the class room together. Study Smart allows a variety of creative way to teach: manage underperforming students, let your best students shine, flip the class room or help your students self-test their knowledge.

Parents – Study Smart offers an interactive tool that is fun and engaging, which ensures that your child can study in the best possible way outside the classroom, even when you are not there to help.

Study Smart costs temporary just € 8,95 per month.

For this price you get:

  • Study Tool (worth € 19,95 / month)
  • +350.000 Summaries (worth a few € each)
  • Premium Support from Study Coaches (worth € 59/h)
  • e-Book on effective studying (worth € 19,95 )
  • Video workshop effective studying (worth € 99,99 )

Get even more discount with a yearly subscription: € 59,95 per year, or € 149,95 for a life time subscription.

You can cancel monthly and we have a 14days 100% money back guarantee.

You can cancel your account anytime, with 1 click via your account settings. No questions asked. No termination period. No hassle at all.

For a demo and more information, click here.

Getting started

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Getting started is very easy! Watch this simple instruction video, or follow the steps below on how to make, find and study your summaries with Study Smart in 5 simple steps!

Step 1: What would you like to study?

Let’s say you are taking 5 courses this semester. You might also have different books, articles, slides to study for every course. That can get a bit confusing?? Don’t panic, in the study tool you can organize your study materials per course. Lets start!

1. Set up a course

Create a course from scratch, or check whether your course already exists in the Study Smart Community. The good thing about joining an existing course is that you can find summaries already prepared by others. Of course, you can also decide to skip this step.

2. Add a material to summarise

In Study Smart you can study all kinds of study materials. Most students summarize their own text books, lectures notes and slides. You can also add materials made by other students.

Step 2: Create your summary

Create flashcards with questions and answers or simply make notes with keywords! You can format and add images to your flashcards anytime! Creating your own summaries has a huge benefit. When you use your own words to summarize a topic or definition, you have a much easier time to actually memorize it!

Step 3: Study session settings

This is your journey, so you decide how much you want to study, and we make sure that you get the most out of the time you spend studying.

Step 4: Practice your summary

Congratulations, you are ready with your summary. Now it is time to study! With the Study Smart Practice tool you can review your summaries in a super smart way. You will remember more in a shorter period of time!

Try our Practice app: Download from the App Store for iPhone or from Google Play for Android!

Step 5: See your results

Of course you want to see your results after your hard work. These results are shown directly after your test.

Now, are you ready to get good grades?!

Reviewing your summary is very easy:

1. Click on the correct study material in your library

2. Click on the 'Practice' button in the right top of the screen

3. Select the chapters you want to practice

4. Click start

Please make sure you have flashcards and notes in your summary. You can create your own cards or import cards from the other tabs in your study screen.

Yes. When you make cards in the chapters of your material, they will automatically be shared with others who study the same material. You can always invite them via email or an invite link. Please see the blue bar in the top of the material to find the 'invite' link.

Mindmaps bring colour to your study sessions and are an amazing tool to strenghten your memory! Mindmaps help you to visualise the structure of your content. In Study Smart, you can easily make mindmaps online and open them everywhere.

1. Click on the correct study material in your library

2. On the place where you normally make flashcards, you can select 'note' as a way to fill up your summary.

Using the toolbar on the notes, you can easily edit the notes by making things bold, italic, underlined, or another colour. It is also possible to add bulletpoints and numbers, and even images from your PC or directly from google.

By clicking on “Practice My Summary”, you can practice all notes. You can practice everything at once or practice notes (and flashcards) of one particular section of your material. Furthermore, you can choose to shuffle the order and choose to view the structure of your book while you practice

When you log into your Study Smart account, your Library dashboard opens. Here you can view which courses you take, and all the materials (books, articles, presentation slides, hand outs etc.) you study and make summaries from.

1. Choose the type of material

To be able to create a new summary, first you have to choose which type of material you want to study. Click “Add study materials” on the top right of your screen. Below that, choose the type of material you would like to summarize: e.g. text book, article, presentation slides etc.

(Plaatje)How does Study Smart work 3
2. Select the course on which you want to take class notes

In the next window, you have to fill in information from the material you selected. The information required depends on the material that you’ve selected. Here is, as an example, the information screen for a book summary.

(Plaatje)How do I make a new summary 2 Study Smart
4. Add notes and /or flashcards

When you’ve clicked on “Start studying” you are redirected to a page which asks you to go to the community summaries or to your own. After you’ve made a decision, you’ll be transfered to the summary. Click on “Make and find flashcards and notes” to enter the screen below and make your summary.

(Plaatje)How do I make a new summary 3 Study Smart

To add flashcards and/or notes, simply click on the button pointed out by the arrow. For more information on how to make flashcards click here and for notes click here


Curious about the rest of Study Smart? In Study Smart you can find free summaries from other students, or you can create and practice your own summaries. Study faster, remember more, and connect with your study mates! Don’t have an Study Smart account yet? Create a new account in one minute!

1. Visit

2. Fill in your desired field

3. Choose your plan

4. Complete the payment

5. Get started!

Advanced questions

Yes you can!

1. Click on the correct study material in your library

2. Fill up your summary wifh flashcard and notes of import them

3. Click 'print preview' in the right top

4. Click 'print' in the left bar

5. Print/save as PFD

The system measures your keyboard activity. When you don't touch your keyboard for a while you will hear a 'gong'. To set a different time window, please visit your study prefferences (click on your name in the right top, then 'study preferences').

Your reviews get schedules automatically, based on the forgetting curve of Ebbinghaus. The review scheduling starts after you do your first review.

Your breaks will be planned automatically. The standard setting is 50 minutes of studying whereafter you get a 10 minute break. You can change the settings in your study prefferences. To do so, please visit your study prefferences (click on your name in the right top, then 'study preferences').

You can enter a 'power' (superscript) by pressing Ctrl and comma at the same time, or a subscript by pressing Ctrl and dot. You can do so in the Study Smart editor at any moment.

No. When you study a book, slides, article etc. material in Study Smart, you will not find the actual book or whole material in it, and you also cannot upload it.

You can however use Study Smart to create a study environment for yourself where you can make, find and share summaries of those study materials. Besides, you can often find other students already studying the same material, and import their notes and flashcards.

For some materials you may not be able able to see flashcards and notes from other people. Make sure you indicated the right edition, titles for your book or you filled in the details of your article, presentation, etc. correctly. It may be the case that there are other versions of your material in Study Smart, with a slightly different spelling.

Try to look for another versions with more users. However, there is also a chance that you are the first who added a study material, and therefore there are no available flashcards or notes yet. Invite friends or class mates to the material you have created, so you can split up the work and finish your summary faster. After they add their flashcards and notes, you will be able to import them.

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