Summary: Bricks Geography | 9789461718594 | Ronald van Leeuwen, et al

Summary: Bricks Geography | 9789461718594 | Ronald van Leeuwen, et al Book cover image
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Read the summary and the most important questions on BRICKS geography | 9789461718594 | Ronald van Leeuwen, Marlous Oud, Els van der Reep, Kevin Slapak, Jeffery Stavenuiter

  • 1 Globalisation

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  • How had globalisation developed historically?

    At first the cultural elements spread across the globe, then during the industrial revolution transportation technology & information and communication technology had developed making it easier to travel and communicate
  • How have developments in transportation technology made globalisation possible?

    All the tools and machines that are used in the movement in people and goods have become faster easier and cheaper, making it easier for people to move across the world and more attractive for companies to sell and get supplies from all over the world
  • How have developments in ICT made globalisation possible?

    The invention of the telegraph and telephone made communication and spreading information across the globe a lot easier, faster and cheaper
  • How has the principle of free trade made globalisation possible?

    International trade without any barriers allows anything to spread across the globe
  • What is a TNC?

    A company with branches in more than one country
  • What is a supply chain and through which stages do products generally go?

    A supply chain is a network of economic activities that covers all the steps to produce finished goods, these products go through the stages: raw materials, intermediate goods & final goods
  • What is offshoring and why would TNC's offshore activities?

    Offshoring is the relocation of parts of the supply chain from one country to another, TNC's would do this to lower the costs
  • Which type of country is usually responsible for which part of the supply chain?

    LEDC's: raw materials
    NIC's: intermediate goods
    MEDC's: final goods
  • What is the difference between knowledge, capital and labour intensive?

    Knowledge intensive: requires high level of education, skill and experience
    capital intensive: requires a lot of money
    labour intensive: requires a large workforce
  • What part of Nikes supply chain is done in which country?

    LEDC: raw materials 
    NIC: manufacturing 
    MEDC: marketing/research and development

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