Attitudes - Stereotypes and change

4 important questions on Attitudes - Stereotypes and change

What kind of mentality do british people have?

They are individualists. They like to be different. they have a certain sense of superiority and they place high value on privacy and on tradition.

In what way is Britain a land of tradition?

It is mostly a reputation which is based what can be seen in public life. For example;
  • Annual ceremony of the state opening of Parliament.
  • Changing the guard at Buckingham Palace. 

However, in everyday lives, the British are not that traditional. 

Name 3 things that are known as typical British but in fact aren't true.

1. British have a British breakfast
2. They go dressed as 'city gents' with a suit and bowler
3. They drink tea everyday at four o'clock.
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Describe in what way Britain is 'a land of tradition'

It is a land of tradition on the level of public life. This means we can see centuries of political continuity and traditional ceremonies such as the 'State opening of Parliament, the military ceremony of 'Trooping the Color' and the  'changing of the guards' ceremony at Buckingham palace. Also the famous 'Routemaster' (double decker London red busses) is kept for tourist trips and the black, old-looking cabs still drive through London, as well as red telephone-boxes (no-one uses anymore nowadays).

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