Geography - Southern England

9 important questions on Geography - Southern England

What is the 'Garden of England'?

It is the county of Kent (South-East of London), known for the many kinds of fruit and vegetables grown there.

What part of Britain is being described as "commuter land"?

Southern England

Name 3 areas in Southern England

Kent - The garden of England, because of its fruit and veggies.
The Downs - series of hills in a horseshoe, used for sheep farming, known for the white cliffs in the south.
West County - known for rural beauty. Also known as The Cornish Riviera.
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What is the ‘North-South’ divide?

It denotes a supposed big difference between the poor north and the rich south.

Where is the English Riviera'?

It is the South-Western Peninsula with its rockey coast (Cornwall) and wild moorlands (Exmoor and Dartmoor) which has a very mild climate so it makes growing palmtrees possible.

Why is the West County area in Southern England also called The Cornish Riviera?

because of its mild winters

What is 'the West Country' known for?

Its widespread farming (Devon) and therefore dairy produce (Devonshire Cream) and fruit.

What are the 'Norfolk Broads'?

A flat region in East Anglia (north-east of London) criss-crossed by hundreds of waterways and no towns. Popular for boating holidays.

What is meant by the great wildlife invasion?

It is the curious invasion of animals in urban areas, away from the intensive monoculture farming in the country which has caused food shortage for them. So they move into the back gardens, lanes and parks of bitains towns, where a wide and tempting variety of flora and fauna is to be found.

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