Summary: Compassionate Technology

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  • 1 Week 1

  • 1.1.1 What is compassion and how can we measure it? A review of definitions and measures

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  • In which areas is compassion (also) important? (3)

    1. Health care
    2. Education
    3. Justice systems (ethical framework)
  • In what way does compassion have importance from an evolutionary view? (2)

    1. Communities with sympathetic members flourish best and rear the greatest offspring
    2. Desirable criterion in mate selection
  • In what way does compassion have importance within health care?

    It improves clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and enhances the quality of the information that is gathered.
  • In what way does compassion have importance on a personal level? (3)

    1. Promotes individual well-being and mental health
    2. Buffers reactivity to stress and is central to the process of psychopathology
    3. Compassion enhances attachment and vice versa
  • What is important about the definition of compassion by Lazarus?

    That not only feeling compassion is important, but also wanting to act to help.
  • What is important about the definition of compassion by the Dalai Lama?

    That it is embedded in a framework of selflessness
  • What components does the definition of compassion by Kanov (organizational) entail? (3)

    1. Noticing (being aware)
    2. Feeling (responding emotionally)
    3. Responding (desire to alleviate)
  • How is compassion described by Gilbert?

    As an evolved motivational system designed to regulate negative affect, where compassion is seen to have originated from the same capacities that primates evolved to form attachment. Gilbert adds 'distress tolerance' and 'non-judgment' to the definition.
  • Which three facets of self-compassion does Neff describe? (3)

    1. Kindness (non-judgment)
    2. Mindfulness (distress tolerance)
    3. Common humanity
  • How do Buddhists see a distinction between compassion and self-compassion?

    As drawing a false distinction between the self and others. They see self-compassion as a prerequisite for compassion for others.

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