Introduction to Italy - The growing environment and grape growing

4 important questions on Introduction to Italy - The growing environment and grape growing

Italy is a long thin country, what are the latitude ranges? What are the main influences on the Climate?

  • 35-47N
  • Apennines running down providing wide range of sites.
  • Climate in general: warm mediterranean
  • Many regions influenced by the sea (on three sides)
  • Inland continental climate

How was the training systems of vines in Italy traditionally?

  • Pergola in the north for high volumes
  • Mixed plantings in Tuscany (veggies, olives, grain)
  • Bush vines in the South (adapt to hot dry climate)

Italy has a lot of local varieties, how many are identified?

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Black and white varieties are both widely planted or individually in a number of regions. Name samples.

  • Sangiovese (nr 1)  & Trebbiano (nr3) widely, especially in Central Italy
  • Catarratto (nr 6)mainly in Sicily

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