Southern Italy - Basilicata

7 important questions on Southern Italy - Basilicata

1/3 of the plantings in Basilicata is from the Aglianico grape variety. Which DOC is this for?

Aglianico del Vultura; high quality red wine, the most important wine.

What are the characteristics of the Aglianico grape and the most important wine of Basilicata; Aglicanico del Vultura?

Early budding, late ripening
Rose, red plum, blackberry,
high acidity and high tannins

What are the ideal growing characteristics for Aglicanico in Basilicata?

  • On clay, linestone and volcanic soil - giving excellent drainage and water retention in a Mediterranean climate. Enough water
  • Cooling influences from altitudes up to 600m - high diurnal ranges
  • Breezes from the Balkans - retain acidity and high aromatic intensity
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In which three black varieties does Puglia specialise?

  1. Primitivo aka Zinfandel
  2. Negroamaro
  3. Nero di Troia/Uva di Troia

What is the difference of the Primitivo in Puglia and Zinfandel in California?

  • Both high yielding
  • In Puglia looser bunches, more disease resistant.
  • In Puglia, older vines are bush trained.

What are the two main DOCs for Primitivo in Puglia?

  1. Primitivo di Manduria (min 85%)
  2. Goia del Colle: min 50-60% and blended with Montepulciano, Sangioves or Negroamaro.

What is the main DOC for NegroAmaro in Puglia?

DOC Salice Salentino min 75-90% if on label.

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