Australia - South Eastern Australia Zone

5 important questions on Australia - South Eastern Australia Zone

Why was the Zone South Eastern Australia created?

To allow blending from grapes across the zone and label inexpensive, high volume wines.

Which regions/zones are covered by the Zone South Eastern Australia?

  • Whole of Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland.
  • Grapes come from the three largest wine-producing regions by area under vine and production, all from the Murray Darling Basin:
    • Riverland (along Murray river)
    • Murray-Darling (along both rivers)
    • Riverina (along Murrumbidgee River)

What is the climate in the South Eastern Australia Zone

  • Hot and continental
  • Riverland less hot due to slight maritime influences and no mountains
  • Ideal for high yields
  • Great Dividing Range provides rain shadow
  • Sandy soils mean irrigation is needed
  • Riverina (Griffith) ideal for noble rot: rainfall, humidity, morning mists and warm afternoons.
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Large producers are based in Australia's South Eastern Zone, name a few.

  • Casella Family Brands - Yellow Tail
  • De Bortoli in Riverina
  • Australian Vintage in Riverland
  • Lindeman's (Treasury Wine Estates) in Murray Darling

What are the main grapes in South Eastern Australia Zone

Shiraz and Chardonnay
Semillon in Riverina, including excellent sweet botrytised wine.

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