Portugal - Vinho Verde

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Climate Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde has a moderate maritime climate thanks to its Atlantic coast and a network of river valleys that funnel Atlantic winds inland.
As the land gradually rises to the east, soils become poorer and the climate becomes more continental.

Soil Vinho Verde

Much of the vineyard land is on granitic bedrock with a shallow topsoil of decomposed granite with a sandy texture, providing good drainage. The natural fertility of the soil is low and therefore fertilisers, such as manure, are commonly needed.

Diseases Vinho Verde

With rainfall throughout the year, fungal diseases including rot and mildew are a problem.
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Training method Vinho Verde

The traditional method of training vines was up trees to benefit from better air circulation. Some growers with small land holdings still have vines trained up trees, or on trellises over terraces, but most modern vineyards are now planted in rows, either single or double Guyot (replacement-cane) with VSP, or lyre system. All are trained relatively high from the ground to increase air circulation and reduce chance of rot.

Vinho Verde wine characteristics

The white wines are typically low in alcohol and medium (+) to high in acidity with apple, citrus and/or peach flavours, depending on the grape varieties used. Some wines may have a small amount of residual sugar. They are usually of good quality and are made by one of the region’s cooperatives or large merchants.

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