Australia - The Growing Environment & Grape Growing

5 important questions on Australia - The Growing Environment & Grape Growing

In Australia, three major factors influence the climate, which are these?

  1. Latitude
  2. Ocean breezes
  3. Altitude

Where is the Great Dividing Range based in Australia?

Shaded orange area from Queensland, through New South Wales, down to Victoria, along the East coast.

Australia is one of the oldest continents. What can you tell about the soil types

It is over 100 million years old and has a wide variety of soil types. Some regions have distinctive soils i.e.:
  • Coonawarra - Terra Rossa
  • McLaren Vale - 40 unique soils types
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Australia has a very favourable environment for viticulture, can you name these environmental factors.

  • Plenty of intense sunshine
  • Relatively low rainfall
  • Low humidity in many regions; therefore low disease pressure

Lack of water is one of the main threats in Australia's vineyards, how do the various regions deal with this?

  • By irrigation, drip irrigation is efficient and sustainable
  • most irrigation water comes from rivers of Murray Darling basin
  • Adelaide Hills or Margaret River store rainwater in dams
  • McLaren Vale and Coonawarra use underground water sources
  • McLaren Vale has also recycled waste water from Adelaide

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