Canada - The Growing Environment and Grape Growing - Climate

5 important questions on Canada - The Growing Environment and Grape Growing - Climate

What is the climate in Canada?

Canada has a cool continental climate with very cold harsh winters and hot summers  and a shorter growing season.  Temperatures from -20 C to 30 C

Most Canadian vineyards are planted close to lakes why is that?

  1. During winter the lake effect reduces the risk of winter freeze
  2. During spring the water heats up slowly delaying budbreak
  3. In Autumn it retains summer warmth extending the growing season

During winter moisture from the lakes evaporates and meets the ambient cold air to produce snow. What sort of aid does snow give the vines during winter?

Snow covers and protects the vines and insulate them from the cold air in the winter season.
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At which latitude vineyards are situated in Canada?

Canada's vineyards are located between 41 and 51 N

What are the key hazards for vineyard management in Canada?

  1. In very cool winters winter freeze is still a concern
  2. Climate change is causing increasingly unpredictable winters  --> minimal protective snow cover
  3. The lakes also causes higher levels of humidity raising riks of fungal diseases
  4. Drought is a regular concern in the inland regions.

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