Summary: Early Development

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  • What was watson idea about nurture and nature

    He said that it was all nurture; kinderen zijn allemaal op dezelfde manier geboren, de omgeving vormt het kind tot een bepaald persoon
  • Where was watson's idea an example of

    Behaviorism; the environment is the supreme force in child development
  • Which example did we see where environment influences expression of our biology

    The example of the bees; 
    Only determined by the diet, not by the DNA. The bees have the same DNA but get different yelly > this influences the expression of our biologyRange of reaction; biology gives a range of developmental possibilities. 
  • Why is it nature AND nurture instead of VS.

    - Question is not whether biological OR environmental factors are more important
    - But how expression of our biology is shaped the environment we meet (programming)
  • What does the DOHahd hypothesis entail

    exposure to certain environmental influences during critical or sensitive periods of development may have significant consequences on an individual’s short and long-term health. 
  • What is needed to study gene-environment contributions to individuals differences;

    1. Adoption studies; compare characteristics of adopted children with those of both their adoptive and biological parents
    2. Twin studies; compare the similarities between identical and fraternal twins reared together or apart. 
  • What is the difference between the chorionic arrangements;

    A. Dichorionic twins; separate placentas and separate fetal circulations. Can be identical or fraternal twins
    B. Monochrionic twins; one placenta and one fetal circulation. Can only be identical twins.
    Identical twins can thus be monochorionic (MC) or dichorionic (DC). 
  • Greater concordance for MC identical twins than for DC identical twins on;

    1. IQ scores
    2. Personality scores
    3. Schizophrenia
    4. Physiological measures. 
  • What is the case of abby and brittany hensel

    Conjoined twins

  • Give a summary of things learned in lecture 1

    · Our biology and environment interact, shaping our development
    · The first 1000 days play an important role in development
    · Probable that twin studies underestimated the influence of the prenatal environment
    · More about the prenatal environment

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