Behavior : State Machine Diagrams - Transitions - State Setup and Teardown

3 important questions on Behavior : State Machine Diagrams - Transitions - State Setup and Teardown

Besides the do/behavior within a state, we have the ability to specify entry and exit behavior.

When are te entry and exit behaviors executed?

These behaviors are always executed as the state is entered or exited.

They are typically used to initialize state conditions or variables and to restore them after the state is finished.

In the figure, we see the use of entry and exit combined with do/behavior.

What behaviors are this?

These are INTERNAL BEHAVIORS and are often placed in their own compartments

What are the Internal Behaviors?

The internal behaviors are:

  • Entry
  • Do
  • Exit

These are reserved words and cannot be used as te name of events that might appear elsewhere.

Because events can also be used on Activity, Sequence, and Timing diagrams, it is best to avoid using them in any way that could be inconsistent with their reserved use in State Machine diagrams.

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