Project Stakeholder Management - Definitions Stakeholder Management

4 important questions on Project Stakeholder Management - Definitions Stakeholder Management

Profile analysis meeting

A meeting that examines each of the roles in the project and document each role's interest, concerns, influence, knowledge about the project, and likely attitude toward the project.

Stakeholder classification models

Grids that rank stakeholders' influence in relation to their interest in the project. Several types of these models are used as part of stakeholder analysis. The most common models are the power/ interest grid, the power/ influence grid, the influence/ impact grid, and the salience model.

Stakeholder management plan

A plan that helps the project manager and the project team define a strategy for managing the project stakeholders. It helps to establish stakeholder engagements art the launch of the project and throughout the project life cycle, and it offers information about how to improve the level of engagement identified.
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Stakeholder management planning

The process of creating a strategy to manage the stakeholders in the project. It's the analysis of what the stakeholders want the project to do, how the stakeholders' expectations align with those of other stakeholders, and the prioritization of the stakeholders within the project.

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