Sustainable marketing: social responsibility and ethics

4 important questions on Sustainable marketing: social responsibility and ethics

What is sustainability considering sustainable marketing?

Sustainability is about the improvement of business strategies while simultaneously maintaining the natural environment.

What's the difference between consumerism and environmentalism?

Consumerism is the effort of independent individuals, groups and organizations to protect the rights and power of a customer.

Environmentalism is an organized movement designed to protect and improve people's current and future living environment.

Regarding the fifth sustainable marketing principle, societal marketing, we distinguish Salutary, desirable, deficient and pleasing products, based on immediate satisfaction and long-run consumer benefits. What's the difference?

Salutary; low immediate appeal, but high benefits in the long run. E.g. Bicycle helmets.

Desirable; products that give both high immediate satisfaction and long run benefits. E.g. Tasty and nutritious foods.

Deficient; products that have neither immediate appeal nor long run benefits.

Pleasing ; products that have high immediate satisfaction, but low long-run benefits. E.g. Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes.
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What are ethical issues in marketing?

Ethical issues are the actions that must be evaluated as right or wrong. This is influenced by individual factors, organizational relationships and opportunities.

There are a few ethical norms:
- Don't harm
- Foster trust
- Embrace ethical issues

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