Summary: The Age Of Sustainable Development | 9780231539005 | Jeffrey D Sachs

Summary: The Age Of Sustainable Development | 9780231539005 | Jeffrey D Sachs Book cover image
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Read the summary and the most important questions on The Age of Sustainable Development | 9780231539005 | Jeffrey D. Sachs

  • 1 Introduction to sustainable development

  • 1.1 What is sustainable development?

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  • Why do humans depend on nature?

    Food, water, Materials for survival, safety from Environmental threats.
  • On the interaction between which 3 complex systems is sustainable development trying to make sense of?

    The world economy, the global society and Earth's physical environment.
  • What are the three goals of the normatieve view on sustainable development?(sdg's)

    1. Poverty is eliminated
    2. Social trust is encouraged through policies that strengthen the community
    3. The environment is protected from human induced degradation. 
  • What are the four objectives in a normative view?

    1. Economic prosperity
    2. Social inclusion and coherention
    3. Environmental sustainability 
    4. Good governance by major actors including governance and business
  • What is the thruway normative framework?

    1. Embracing economic growth
    2. Social inclusion
    3. Environmental sustainability
  • What is the analytic view on sustainability?

    One that aims to explain and predict the complex nonlinear interactions of human and natural systems.
  • What is the result of complex systems responding in a nonlinear way to shocks and changes?

    They can cause large, perhaps catastrophical changes in the performance of the system as a whole.
  • Which 4 complex interaction systems does sustainable development include?

    1. Global economy (trust/ethics/inequality)
    2. Social interaction
    3. Earth systems (climate/ecosystem)
    4. Governance
  • What are the 5 concerns about the distribution of wellbeing (social inclusion)?

    1. Extreme poverty
    2. Inequality (gaps between rich and poor)
    3. Social mobility (can a poor person become rich)
    4. Discrimination
    5. Social cohesion (is the society driven by distrust, animosity, cynicism, absence of a moral code)
  • 1.2 An introduction to Economic growth

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  • What is the solution to the difference in output market prices?

    Use a common set of international prices to sum up the production and consumption is each country --> PPP Purchasing power parity ($1 of GDP in every country equals the actual purchasing power in terms of goods and services.

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