Summary: Artikelen Capturing Value From Innovation 2016

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Artikelen capturing value from innovation 2016

  • 1 Giuri et al. (2007) "Inventors and invention processes in Europe: Results from the PatVal-EU survey"

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  • Where does this paper provide more information about?

    The characteristics of European inventors, the sources of their knowledge, the importance of formal and informal collaborations, the motivations to invent and the actual use and economic value of the patents
  • What a the convenient feature of patents?

    They resemble invention counts and they have been well documentented, they can combine different indicators, and are organized into databases
  • What are the shortcomings of patents?

    Patents relate to a certain type of inventions and there are differences across firms, industries and countries in the precision with which patents measure innovation output.
  • Where is practically no information about what is not in the patent files available?

    Information about inventors, the nature of the research or other processes that gave rise to the invention.
  • What is the PatVal's main objective?

    Collect information about patents and the underlying invention process on issues that had not previously been explored in depth because of the lack of information in the patent documents.
  • On which three areas does this paper focus?

    1. Inventors
    2. Research collaborations and spillovers
    3. Use and economic value of the patents
  • What do the results suggest about the female inventors?

    The share of female inventors is remarkably low. Female participation in science and engineering declines along the career path
  • What is the average age of the inventors studied?

  • What does this average age suggest?

    That the prodution of a patent occurs when people are no longer young researchers
  • Is there a positive correlation between researchers' productivity and their mobility?


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