Attitudes - Love of animals

4 important questions on Attitudes - Love of animals

Name one way how the British respect their loved pets after death/

They bury them in animal cemeteries

Give examples of the British love for animals and wildlife.

Half the households have domestic pets. They have a famous animal cemetery called Rossendale. It is illegal to run over a dog and then keep on driving. Wildlife programmes ar by far the most popular kind of TV documentary. People have 'bird tables' in their gardens and they love to go birdwatching.

How does the British love of animals reflect itself?

The British tend to have a sentimental attitude to animals and half of all households keeps at least 1 domestic pet.

Wildlife programs/documentaries are also very popular. Families have bird tables to feed them in the winter and there is a special teaching hospital which treats injured wild animals.
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How does the great foxhunting debate draw together many features that are dear to British peoples hearts?

It is about: love of animals (foxhunting is cruel, but hunters say fox numbers have to be controlled) about Social class (fox hunting is for the upper class, but hunters say it belongs to rural life) Reverence for the countryside and individualism and conservatism (a long tradition of disobedience to unjust laws.

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