The law - The police and the public

5 important questions on The law - The police and the public

When did the image of the bobbies started to changes?

in the '60s, when the demonstrative counterculture started to call them 'fuzz' 'cops' and 'pigs'

How is the British police organized in the country?


The country is devided into 50 separate regions, the so called 'constabularies'. Government has limited control over those (inspection and appointing senior officers) and provides money. London has the 'Metropolitan Police'  over which the government has more direct control.


In current days, what does the public think of the bobbies? Name 2 things

1. they are there to serve the public
2. they are doing a difficult job under increasingly difficult circumstances.
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What is a big difference between the bobbies and their European counterparts?

They do not carry guns in the course of normal duty.

Do police officers carry guns in Britain?

No they normally do not. Only on special assignments.

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