Elections - Polling day and Election night

5 important questions on Elections - Polling day and Election night

What happens after the polls close?

The marked ballot papers are taken in boxes to a central place in the constituency where the boxes are opened and the votes for each candidate are counted. This is a very public event, the candidates and cameras are allowed. 
When all the votes have been counted, the Returning Officer gets up onto stage and announces the winner.

... = the study of voting habits


1.What is a polling booth? 2.  an exit poll? 3.  a pollster?

1.= an enclosed spot where people can vote privately (stemhokje) 2= the asking of what people voted when they leave the polling station. 3= people conducting the exit polls.
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What is the race to declare?

It is a matter of local pride for the constituencies to be the first to announce their result on election night, because doing so it will guarantee lots of live TV coverage. To be a realistic candidate for this honour, a constituency must have three characteristics:
  1. A comparatively small electorate ( = not many votes);
  2. Be densely populated (so the boxes can be gathered quickly);
  3. Be a safe seat for one or other party (so there is no possible chance of a recount).

2 reasons for delivering a late count :

  1. Rural areas with long distances between the voting stations
  2. Close races, so recounts are necessary

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