International relations - British People and the rest of the world

25 important questions on International relations - British People and the rest of the world

When did the British have a rather patronizing attitude towards people in other countries and their ways?

In the days when 'Britannia ruled the waves'

Explain Britain's loss of power and status after the second World War.

The British defeats in Europe and Asia in WWII destroyed its financial and economic independence and therefore the foundation of its imperial system. Britain had survived the war, but its wealth, prestige and authority had been severely reduced. Britain was overshadowed by two new superpowers, the United States and Soviet Union.

What does Brittania  rules the waves mean, or "the empire where the sun never sets" and when was its peak


It means Britain  has  the most powerful navy  and they practically ruled the world with colonies all over the world. Therefore it is alway daytime somewhere in the empire.  Its peak was around 1920.

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When and how did the British attitude change towards foreign people?

In the past British people had a rather patronizing attitude towards people in other countries and they were often considered amusing and not taken seriously. This attitude changed with the dismantling of the empire. Now foreign ways of doing things are admired and there is a greater openness towards foreign influences. 

What was the influence of this power on the general attitude towards foreigners, and what about the modern Brits

Brits where rather patronizing towards others  and did not take their ways and beliefs seriously.

Today they are no longer that chauvinistic, just ignorant.

What is an important reason that British don't speak other languages?

They are just to lazy to learn them, but the importance of the English language worldwide also makes it easier for them to not learn other languages.

Explain Britain’s loss of power and status after the Second World War.

It was no longer morally accptable to possess and exploit other countries.  In the mean time America was on the rise.

What are the advantages of the Commonwealth

There are no formal economic or political advantages. Special trading agreements were discontinued after Britain had entered the EC. It keeps the cultural contacts alive.

What countries chose to stay allied with Britain and what are their reasons (remnants of the Empire)

Bermuda, The Falklands, Gibraltar and several other small islands;  mostly because they are afraid their neighbour countries will swallow them up

When and between whom was the Falkland War

in 1982, Argentinia had invaded the Falklands, overseas territory of Britain.  The British army went their to recapture  it. Because it was their territory and because Argentine was ruled by a dictator.

Does Britain have a national service

That's 'dienstplicht'; no, not any more , since 1957

What are the divisions of the  the British armed forces and how do the citizens feel about their army? When did the British government use the army against its own citizens?

Royal Navy, dating back to King Arnold,  the Royal Air Force and  the Army. they their are rather proud of them and persuing a career in the army is still highly respectable.

In Ulster, in 1969,

How are the British armed forces in the world today?

Not very significant compared to e.g. USA; because there is no national service and the government has cut spending on the armed forces. There is still a small nuclear force.

What is the peace dividend after the Cold War

The reallocation of spending from military purposes to peacetime purposes, such as housing, education, and social projects.

Whith which country does Britain have a special relationship.

with the USA , they share the language, Britain use to be the leading Nation, and now it's the USA.  

why did the USA become the world's policeman, instead of GB

Because GB cut spending on defence, leading to a decline in power. The power of the USA was growing and they initiate interference in conflicts in the world such as Iraque and Afghanistan 

Why has the relationship between USA and GB declined. What is the public's attitude towards this membership. 

It has declined  since they joined the EC (European Communities) in 1973 and became part of the European Block.  people are suspicious about the power of Brussels and they  feel  the EU laws and regulations interfere too much in their business, the Brits hate that. Threat to British sovereignty. 

Why did the GB join the EC.

Because it was an economic neccessity and a polical advantage. People call it a neccesary evil. But the Brits still feel Europe and Great Britain are fundamentally  two different things.

Name another reason why the British Government does not want too much power for Europe. 

it might mean more power to the different nations that form  Britain. 

To what institutions have the referendums in 1998 lead in Scotland and Wales. 

To the establishment of the Scottish parliament and the Welsh Assembly. In Scotland nationalism is much stronger than in Wales, the Scots want to be independent of England. The  Scottish parliament has consideral powers over the internal scottish affaires, apart from defence, foreign policy and economic policy. Wales totally integrated in England, there is less nationalism. The Welsh Assembly has much less powers than the Scottish parliament.

When and why was the Northern Ireland created. 

1922. The most, catholic,  Irish wanted internal self-government and independance in the early 1900 but the protestants in the province of Ulster in the North did not want that. Therefore in 1920 British Government partioned  the country between the Catholic South and the Protestant North. In 1922 Ireland became independent from Britain. The six counties remained within the United Kingdom. 

Explain the following names Northern Ireland, Ulster, th six counties

Northern Ireland is the Northern part of Ireland that belongs to the UK. It became officially separated from Ireland when the republic of Ireland was founded and the majority of the people living in the North, who where mainly unionists, wanted to stay part of England. Ulster is used to be the name of one of the old kingdoms of Ireland and the name is used for Northern Ireland. Ulster as 9 counties but only six of them belong to Northern Ireland, that's why the area is also called 'Six Counties' 

Who belong togethers: Catholics,  republicans, nationalists, Protestants:, unionist and loyalist

Protestants: unionists, loyalists, (loyal to the union with Britain) 

Catholics: republicans, nationalists (supporting the idea of an independant, single Irish nation, and it republican government

What was the Provisional IRA, what is the polical wing called

Irish Republican Army, an extremist party who uses extreme violence to reach their goal.

What is Stormont Castle

Stormont Castle is the residence of the Parliament in Norhtern Ireland 

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