Geography - Climate

6 important questions on Geography - Climate

Discribe the British climate

Britain has a maritime and therefore temperate climate, similar to the northwestern part of the European mainland. The popular belief that it rains all the time is not true. Ireland and Wales get the most rain. Temperatures are moderate. Typical of the British weather is its changeability.

What is the climate in Britain?

Britain has almost the same climate as the north-western part of Europe. It’s not true that it rains more in Britain than in Europe. In the West there is more rain, and in summer the south is warmer than the north. Because of the lack of extremes Britain is never prepared for extreme hot or cold weather.

Does London have more annual rainfall than Milan, or less?

Less, Milan has 1000 mm and London 600 mm.
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Is the amount of mm in rain in Moscow, Bucharest, Budapest, Berlin, Paris, Edinburgh and Lisbon equal or more than the amount of rain in London?

In all these cities it rains as much as (or even more than) in London.

How many people live in towns and cities?

almost 80%

What does it mean when one says that the temperature is...
a) "in the upper twenties"?
b) "in the low seventies" ?
c)  "in the mid eighties"?

a) freezing cold
b) pleasantly warm
c) hot 

Many people in Britain are more comfortable with the Fahrenheit scale of measurement.
37,9 Celsius = 100,2 Fahrenheit

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