Attitudes - a multicultural society

3 important questions on Attitudes - a multicultural society

In what way is Britain a multicultural society? 

In London, there are areas where an Indian way of life predominates. These 'new British' have made their own contribution to British life and attitudes. Therefore, you can speak of British attitudes in general. 

What is particular about the British multicultural society?

The immigrants have blended in very well. There are areas  of London in which a distinctively Indian way of life predominates. The new British have made their own contribution to society by helping to make people more informal and by changing the nature of the 'corner shop'.

What is the government's reaction on the multiculturalism ideas of a "salad bowl" (in which different ingredients, mixed together, make an appetizing whole) and a "melting pot" (in which the ingredients all blend together, each making their contribution to a single overall taste)?

The government changed the procedure for becoming a British citizen. Previously, applicant simply had to be a resident for 5 years and hae a record for good behaviour, to get a naturalization certificate. Nowadays, they have to study an offical book Life in the UK and pass a citizen test before getting this certificate.

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