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What has Britain done to prevent divisions in the party?

The leaders of the governing party become members of the cabinet. Here they are tied to government policy by the convention of collective responsibility.

What is "cabinet office"

organization which keeps ministers in touch with each other and draws up agenda for cabinet meetings. People of these committees don;t have to be politicians.

What is the role of the cabinet?

Once a week, the cabinet meets and takes decisions about new policies, the implementation of existing policies and the running of the various government departments.

Because all government members must agree on a new policy etc, who says what in such meetings is a closely guarded secret.
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What is the role of the cabinet office and what are cabinet committees?

The cabinet office is an organization who helps to run the complexities of a modern government. It:
  • runs a busy communications network;
  • keeps ministers in touch with each other;
  • draws up the agenda for cabinet meetings.

It also does the same things for the cabinet committees; appointed by the government to look into various matters in more detail than the cabinet has the time or knowledge for.

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