Geography - The Midlands of England

8 important questions on Geography - The Midlands of England

What is the 'Black Country'?

The area north and west of Birmingham (Britain's second largest city) with the country's major engineering centre. Associated with heavy steel industry, coal mining, smoke, dirt and money.

Why is the West Midlands known as the Black Country?

Birmingham and the area west to it developed into the countries major engineering centre during the Industrial Revolution. Factories in Birmingham still convert iron and steel into a vast variety of goods.

The villages between the Black Country and Manchester are known as ...

The Potteries
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What has made the Midlands famous besides industry and china?

Shakespeare's birthplace: Stratford-upon-Avon and Nottingham for the legend of Robin Hood.

In which part of the Midlands do the factories of Wedgwood and Minton belong?

The Potteries

What is the most important city in the Midlands?

Birmingham, Britain's second largest city, developed into the country's major engineering centre, factories still convert iron and steel into a vast variety of goods.

Which city is the country's major fish processing centre?


What has been part of the Engllish folkore after the novel North and South appeared?

It denotes a supposed big difference between the poor north and the rich south = The north-south divide. There is much truth in this generalization: the south has almost always had lower rates of unemployment and more expensive houses. Nowadays, the big divide would be between London and the rest of England - and London would be the awful half.

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