Religion - Anglicanism

6 important questions on Religion - Anglicanism

What is a diocese?

It is a district for which a bishop is responsible.

What is meant by 'broad church'?

The Church of England has always been a broad church; willing to accommodate a wide variety of beliefs and practices. The nature of its religious services varies quite widely from church to church, depending on the inclinations of the local priest and local tradition. 

What is meant by 'low church'?

This is one of the three strands of the belief. This places great emphasis on the contents of the Bible and is the most consciously opposed to Catholicism. Therefore, it adheres closely to those elements of Anglicanism that reject Papal doctrines and is suspicious of the hierarchical structure of the Church. It prefers plain services with a minimum of ceremony.
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Since when can a woman become priest in the Church of England?

Since  November 11th 1992

What is meant by 'high church'?

These beliefs are virtually identical to those of Catholicism, except that it does not accept the Pope as the ultimate authority. Their services are more colourful and include organ music and elaborate priestly clothing. 

What is the liberal wing?

This is the last one of the three strands; it is willing to question some of the traditional Christian beliefs, is more inclined to view the Bible as merely a historical document, is more tolerant towards homosexuality and was the first to support moves to ordain women priests. 

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