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5 important questions on Religion - Other conventional christian churches

What country is associated with the Presbytarian Church ?

Scotland is. This form of protestanism became so strong in Scotland that it became the nation's established church.

Anglicanism is a combination of which two? 

Its stated doctrine, which rejects the authority of the Pope and other important aspects of Catholic doctrine, is Protestant.
Its style, as shown by its hierarchical structure and its forms of worship is rather Catholic.

After Presbyterians, what is the other largest traditional Nonconformist group in Britain and what do they believe?

The Methodist Society who follow the teachings of John Wesley, an 18th century preacher who started his career as an Anglican clergyman. He had little doctrinal disagreement with the established church. However, he and his followers considered that it did not care enough about the needs of ordinary people and that its hierarchy was not serious enough about the Christian marriage. 
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What are dissenters, nonconformists or members of the free churches?

They are all names of the Protestants in England who did not accept the authority of the Anglican Church. First they were called 'Dissenters' and later, as tolerance grew they were known as 'Nonconformists'.Nowadays refusal to conform to the established church is irrelevant, so they are now simply called 'members of the free churches'.

Name two other Nonconformist groups.

  • Baptists - comparatively strict both in their interpretation of the Bible and their dislike of worldly pressures.  
  • Quakers - aka Society of Friends, are a very small group whose notable characteristics are their complete lack of clergy and their pacifism. They refuse to fight in any war, though they will do ambulance and fight work.

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