Geography - Northern England

7 important questions on Geography - Northern England

What is a typical feature of Northern England and what are the consequences for the landscape and its people?

The Pennine mountains that run up the middle of northern England like a spine. Large deposits of coal and iron ore enabled the area to become highly industrial. Manchester and Liverpool (west; cotton) and Bradford and Leeds (east; woollen goods) Sheffield (south; steel) Newcastle (north; shipbuilding). The achievements of industry induced a feeling of pride and energetic realism. (where there's muck there's brass: wherever there is dirt, there is money to be made)

Mention three important industrial cities in Northern England.

Newcastle, Bradford, Leeds

Give the names of the largest cities in the North of England.

Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle.
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Where is the 'Lake District'?

The north-western corner of northern England. It is a National Park, favourite destination for walkers. Famous poets Wodsworth, Coleridge and Southy lived here and wrote about its beauty.

Which 2 cities are found east of the Pennine mountains, and what are they known for?

Bradford + Leeds
known for wool

What does the landscape around the Pennines look like?

It is a combination of open and uninhabited countryside, never far away from cities and towns. The steep slopes make it unsuitable for any agriculture other than sheep farming. Wild, windswept moors; the land of Emily Brönte's novel Wuthering Heights

What is the Lake District?

classified as national park and home to the Lake poets. Found in the north-west of Northern England

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