The monarchy - The appearance

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What is the appearance of the monarchy in Britain?

That the monarch has absolute power. He or she chooses the Prime Minister and the people in the government and can dismiss them when no longer approved of. She is the head of the state , the military, the church and the law (all new laws have to be given Royal Assent before it becomes a real law.

What is the appearance of the monarchy?

From evidence of written law only, the Queen has almost absolute power. She can choose anybody she likes to run the government, because there are no restrictions on who she chooses for any position. The Queen is the one who summons and dissolves a parliament. In addition, nothing that Parliament has decided can become a law until she has given it royal assent.

When did the royal family adopt this name, and for what reason?

George V, Elizabeth’s grandfather changed the family name. It first was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, but during the first world war it was thought better for the king not to have a German-sounding name.
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Why are ministers 'Servants of the Crown' ?

Because, by law, the queen has almost absolute power and she can pick the government. So it's 'her' government and ministers are her employees.

What does the state opening of Parliament involve?

Queen Elizabeth 2nd makes a speech. In it she says what ‘my government’ intends to do in the coming year.

What formal powers does the Queen have?

She can choose anybody she likes to run the government for her. She can choose people to fill some hundred or so other ministerial positions and she can also dismiss them. She summons a parliament and dissolves it. She embodies the law in the courts.

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