48 important questions on Housing

'An Englishman's home is his castle'. Which two factors in the British attitude to housing are illustrated by this saying?

The desire for privacy and the importance of ownership.

‘Living in flats does not suit British attitudes.’ Give two reasons why.

The Brits value privacy and individuality  and you do not have eighter in a flat, all appartments look the same and you have to share several spaces with you neighbours. You miss "the solid ground" high up in the sky and also neighbourliness because although you live very close to one another, flats can be very isolating and anonymous.

'Living in flats does not suit British attitudes.' Give two reasons why.

People feel cut off from the world all those floors up, they miss the neighbourlyness, they cannot keep a watchfull eye on their children playing down on the street, people want their own separate entrance to the outside world (not a shared one), a flat does not give them the much appreciated demarcation between private property and the public domain.

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What are tower blocks, stately homes, thatched cottages and semi-detached houses

tower blocks: flats 
stately homes: aristrocratic fine old country house, usualy grand and with losts of ground
thatched cottage: small detached house with an nostalgic feel to it and a roof made of thatched. semi-detached; house attached to a neighbour's house on just one side.

What is the English equivalent of buitenwijk


What is ‘planning permission’

You need to get planning permission make certain changes to your house, such as building an extension.

What is the English equivalent of Twee-onder-een-kapwoning                  

A semi detached house

What is a farmhouse kitchen

a large kitchen with a fire place

Why do the British prefer their house to be a little set back from the street?

Because  that gives a clear demarcation between what is private and what is public. It is to emphasize their privacy.

What is the English equivalent of  hypotheek

mortage loan

what are death duties

very high taxes that the owners of stately homes must pay and that in fact send them into poverty. 

What is the English equivalent of Tussenwoning

Terraced or terrace house

What are: terraced houses, self contained flats, bedsits?

Terraced house = a whole row of houses, with each house joined to the next , with no way through to the back except through the house itself. Self contained flat = a flat with washing and cooking facilities and which has its own entrance. Bedsit = a flat where the residents (often students) have one bed-sitting room to themselves and share washing and cooking facilities with other residents.

Explain what building societies are. Any well-known name

These financial institutions supplied loans for housing (morgages). The high street  banks have taken over this service.

What is the English equivalent of  hypotheekbank

a building society

What is a farmhouse kitchen?

A kitchen that is big enough for the family to eat in.

1.         Explain what council houses are?

council houses were built and let by the government in the seventies.

What is the English equivalent of Flatgebouw

A flat

What does the most desirable home look like to the British?

It is a detached house, made of brick walls and a slate roof, with an irregular, non classical shape to make it feel cosy, with a front garden that has trees and bushes to give it a countryside and private feeling. It is supposed to be not too modern, not too close to the road, have a countryside like look and lots of privacy.

What happened to many council houses under Margaret Thatcher

She wanted everybody to own their own house, so many council houses were sold to the tenants and many were sold to housing cooperations.

What is the English equivalent of huurwoning (gemeente)

a council house

What is meant by ‘cardboard city’


Explain what building societies are. Any wellknown name?

They are financial institutions, originally set up to organize mortgages. Nowadays high street banks offer mortgages as well. Wellknown building society: Nationwide

What is the English equivalent of Torenflat

A towerblock, office, block of flats

Explain what counsil houses are.

They are homes, built by local government authorities and rented out to people who cannot afford to buy their own house. (working-class people)

Are there enough affordable houses in Britain, how come?

No, because of property owners politics and the downsizing of families. a quarter of million of Brits are homeless. they go for shelter to boardinghouses, hostels, the salvation army. Or they sleep rough on the street, under a bridge, or in a shack made of card board.

What is the English equivalent of makelaar

real estate agent

What happened to many counsil houses under Margaret Thatcher?

She made it possible for, and encouraged counsil tenants to buy the house they lived in, by offering them various kinds of financial assistance.

What is the English equivalent of Projectontwikkelaar

Real estate developer

What are 'housing associations'?  Dutch equivalents?

Housing associations are private, non-profit making organisations that provide low-cost "social housing" for people in need of a home.  Although independent they are regulated by the state and commonly receive public funding. Dutch equivalent: woningbouwvereniging.

What is the English equivalent of een woning kraken


What do English people like about a thatched cottage?

It’s typical English. Home is my castle idea

What are New Age Travellers ?

People who choose to be homeless. They have adopted a so called 'hippy'or 'gypsy-like lifestyle in which they travel from place to place, often in a car or a caravan in order to live in communities with others who hold similar beliefs.

What are stately homes?

It’s a English country house, large house or mansion in the English countryside

What makes a home cosy to British standards?

Carpets everywhere, floral wallpaper  everywhere, even on the ceiling, bright colours, rather empty rooms, but with a large settee, an open fire, preferably real, but if not possible then an immitation one is better than none at all.

What was the effect of Thatcherism on home ownership?

It made her popular among the working class, it helped the tories win the election in 1979. It gave people the right to buy.

What different names are used for living rooms and how are they connected to social class?

Living rooms are also known as sitting room and drawing room, which names are used in upper-middle class. Lounge is regarded as lower class and so is front room and back room. Real estate agents often call them  reception rooms.

Mention two groups that are referred to as Travellers

New age Travellers, Gypsies (Roma’s)

Explain the following terms: Porch, lounge, drawing room, crescent.

Porch: it’s a little space in front of the main door.
Lounge: a sitting and living room
Drawing room: Room for entertainment
Cresent: A row of houses or a road built in a curve

what is 'The Big Issue'?

It is a magazine sold on streets all over Britain by homeless people. They retain most of the takings from sales, giving them both an income and selfrespect (because it is not simply begging)

What would the meals of a day with an English family look like

start the day with some toast and marmalade or cereal, sometimes a fry up of eggs, sausage, beans and tomatoes. Elevenses: tea or coffee and a biscuit. Lunch: at 1 p.m. usually sandwiches. 

Tea: urban working class: dinner

Tea; other classes: tea and a snack at 4 p.m.

Supper: evening meal

Dinner: evening meal

What is a ‘greasy spoon’

small, cheap often not very clean restaurant, specialized in fried foods. (often transport cafe)

What are ales, lager, bitter, shandy

different types of beer. ale: low alcoholic content, dark, sweet and  mild
lager:stronger beer
popular: bitter
cider: beverage made from apples.
shandy: half beer half fizzy lemonade

What are the opening times of most pubs


What' s a fish and chips shop:

 small restaurant for take away fried fish and chips.

Mention some typical names of public houses

pubs are mend to be a home from home, you can be yourself there and meet your friends and family. the interior is usualy cosey and traditional. They often have names like The Red  Lion, the Duke of Canterbury, The black bull, The Crown Inn, the White Horse

1.         What is ‘a free house’?

that's a pub that is privately owned, not  by commercial companies where

How can you tell the interest for the entertaining aspect of food is rising in Britain

television chefs, popularity of such TV programmes. 

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