History - The Twentieth Century

10 important questions on History - The Twentieth Century

Why was the first 20 years of the twentieth century, a period of extremism?

  • Britain ceased to be the world's richest country
  • This caused a failure of the Victorian confidence in gradual reform
  • There were many protests against the government: Suffragettes (women demanding the right to vote), some sections of the army (protesting against the policy concerning Ulster in Ireland) and against the introduction of new taxations.

Name the most important political groups in the period around 1900

The Liberals (the descendants of the Whigs) and the Conservatives (the descendants of the Tories).

Why are 1918 and 1928 important years for voters?

1918: Woman's right to vote
1928: All adults can vote
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When did Ireland split up into two countries?

In 1920 the British government partitioned the country between the catholic south and the protestant northern six counties. But the south wanted complete indipendence and so in 1922, after a war it became the republic of Ireland.

What is the Trades Union Congress?

The single, most powerful political force outside the institutions of government and Parliament.

What year did Britain declare war on Germany the second time?


Which two parties were present in Parliament at the start of the 20th century?

The Labour party (which replaced the Liberals (descending of the Whigs)) and the Conservatives (descendants of the Tories). Also trade unions became important.

What war started in 1982?

Falklans/Malvinas War

In which period did the British Empire lost almost all of its overseas areas?

the 25 years after the Second World War.

How did Northern Ireland and Ireland split?

The south was catholic and the 6 northern counties were protestant. After a war, the south became independent in 1922, the 6 counties became the English province of Northern Ireland.

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