Geography - London

9 important questions on Geography - London

Why is London untypical of the rest of the country?

Because it is very cosmopolitan. It has by far the greatest racial and cultural variety of all British cities. About a fifth of the total population of the UK lives in the wider London area of which the both the richest and the poorest. It is a very popular city among tourists and foreign investers.

How big is the City of London?

It is about seven times larger than any other city in the country. About a fifth of the total population of the UK lives in the wider London area.

What are the 4 best known areas in London?

Square miles
West End
East End
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Which area in London includes Parliament and Royal Court?


What other famous parts of London can you name?

'West End' which is the entertainment area with many theatres, cinemas and expensive shops; the 'East End', which is the poorer residential area of central London and the traditional home of the Cockney (people born in the city of London, with a strong local accent) and of many immigrant groups.

What important institutions are based in London?

It is home to the government and parliament  and of the monarch(in Westminster). It is the country's business and banking centre and the centre of transport network. It contains the headquarters of TV and of all the national newspapers.

What is meant by 'The better side of town' and why?

it means the West part of London (and most other cities in the UK) because there used to be less polution in the old days because of the prevailing westerly winds and today the West part is where the richer people live.

What part of the population of Britain lives in London?

a fifth

What part of the population of London is born outside Britain?

1/3 of the population of London is born outside Britain.

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