Attitudes - Being different

3 important questions on Attitudes - Being different

In what way are the British combining conservatism with individualism?

They are proud of being different, so they like to keep on driving on the left-hand side of the road, do not want to adopt central European time, only partly change to metric system as their measurement system (petrol in litres and temperature in Celcius, but pints in pubs and miles on the road) and start their financial year in april as opposed to the beginnig of the calender year as the rest of Europe does. They are 'Euro-sceptic'.

The British can be pretty stubborn. Name 4 things the British keep the same, even if they don't have a real good reason for it.

1. Driving on the left
2. keeping 1 hour difference between their time and Central European time.
3. Start a financial year in April.
4. System of measurement

Who are the Metric Martyrs? 

Those are two greengrocers who were prosecuted by their local government authority for selling their fruit and vegetables by the pound. They received a lot of support and therefore they could pay for the best lawyers by the Metric Martyrs Fund. The Fund has supported many other traders who have fallen foul for the fund is not just pounds and ounces.

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