Attitudes - Conservatism

3 important questions on Attitudes - Conservatism

How do British people express conservatism? Value continuity over modernity?

They are very nostalgic. They have a sentimental attachement to older times. They believe life was better  during the 50's, prefer living in old houses to new ones, like their pubs to look old, like Christmas cards with old scenes and like costume drama on TV.

How do the British people express conservatism?

They don't like change, even though they have rather few living folk traditions and are too individualistic to have many of the same everyday habits as each other. 

In general, the British value continuity over modernity for its own sake. They like everything old because they have a general attachment to older safer times.

What is the Notting Hill Carnival/

It is an annual West-Indian street festival that takes place in the streets of Notting Hill (London's Kensington and Chelsea boroughs ) for three day's in August. It began in 1959 in St. Pancras Town Hall as a response to bad racial relations. (organised by Claudia Jones). Later this indoor activity was combined with an outdoor one organised in 1966 by Rhaune Laslett to promote racial unity. It attracts around one million people.

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