Political life - The party system

5 important questions on Political life - The party system

What is the 'shadow cabinet'?

It is the 'opposition' of the party that controles the government. It is actually the party that does not control the government, which is presenting itself as an alternative government. This system has received legal recognition and the leader of this party receives the title: 'Leader of Her Majesty's opposition. He or she chooses a shadow cabinet, thereby presenting the image of a team ready to take over from the government.

What is a 'shadow cabinet'?

A cabinet formed by the leader of the opposition to fill the positions if the current cabinet fails

Which two parties were formed inside of the parliament?

The Conservatives
Liberal Democrates
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Which big party was formed outside of parliament?

The Labour Party

What are the 3 consequences of a party system originated from inside parliament?

1. It is difficult for smaller parties to challenge the dominant parties, ideas are usually adopted by a bigger party.
2. parties have not extended into everyday public life.
3. Usually a party's MPs who have most control over party policy.

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