Political life - The style of politics

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What is 'the pairing system'?

to reduce the number of people, the persons who won't change their opinion don't compete in the discussion.

Name a few particulars about the style of politics in Britain.

It is very informal. Important decisions are not taken at official meetings but over lunch or drinks or at gatherings in the hallway. It is said: the House of Commons is the most exclusive club in London.

Describe the style of politics.

Despite modern innovations, political life is still influenced by the traditional respect for privacy and love of secrecy. It is also comparatively informal. In both Parliament and government, there is a tendency for important decisions to be taken not at official public meetings, but at lunch or over drinks. 
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Explain the so called pairing system in the House of Commons

Under this system the MP of one party is paired with the MP of another party. When there is going to be a vote in the House of Commons and the two MP's know that they would vote on opposite sides, neither of them bother to turn up for the vote. In this way, the difference in numbers between one side and the other is maintained and the MP's  can get on with other work. It is a good example of the cooperation between political parties in Britain.

Where are most important political decisions made?

Over a drink or lunch

Name the three major political parties and their leaders.

1. the Conservatives; David Cameron (Prime Minister)  2. Labour; Ed Milliband  3. Liberal Democrats; Nick Clegg

Name an important feature of party politics in Britain

The party's MP's have the most control over party policy, but their members elect the party leader, make their vieuws known at the annual party conference and the local party decides who is going to be the next candidate for MP in its area. But  all of this is under the appearance of unity. You don't show the public disagreement, but a dynamic, unified party that looks like a realistic potential government.

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