Political life - The modern situation

5 important questions on Political life - The modern situation

Which two developments have changed the traditional confidence in the British political system?

1. The perceived style of politics has changed from emphasis on substance to emphasis on presentation in the media (advised by spin doctors) 2. the traditional right of the individual to freedom from interference from the state is being eroded. (by for instance CCTV camera's everywhere and the development of a national DNA base and by the increased powers of the authorities to search people and their homes and to detain them without charging them.

What is a 'spin doctor'?

the public relations advisor of politicians who help the politician present himself as good as possible.

What is the general business of the annual party conferences?

It is about morale boosting in the party. They do not want to be seen having furious arguments in public. The only disagreement they show comes from a tradition called Heckling which is the shouted interruption of a speaker. It livens up boring speeches and is also seen as a measure of a politicians ability to deal with such interruptions

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?? = taking extreme care not to day anything offensive.

political correctness

?? = the over-zealous application by authorities of anti-discrimination laws. (this conflicts with the freedom of speech)

political correctness gone mad

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