Geography - The Environment and Pollution

9 important questions on Geography - The Environment and Pollution

What is a pea-souper?

It is the name  nineteenth- century Londoners gave to a thick fog, today known as 'smog', and which was famously described by Charles Dickens and in the stories of Sherlock Holmes.

How and when has the pollution problem in Britain changed?

During the 1960's and 70's  laws were passed which forbade the heating of homes with open coal fires and the burning of rubish in the backgarden. Also the Thames, previously heavily polluted, is now clean enough for fish to live in.

In which decade the smog level was highest?

in the '50's
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Which four types of ‘green’ energy sources have been attempted?

Solar power, tidal power, wave power and wind power.

Until what decade your stomach would get pumped when you fell in the Thames?

until the '60's

What alternative energy resources are considered in Britain?

Nuclear power stations, solar energy, tidal and wave power, and wind parks in the country (opposed to by many people) or at sea.

Which form of alternative energy is most used in Britain?

Wind energy

Why are wind farms unpopular in England?

Some local people and nature lovers feel strongly that they ruin the countryside.

What is meant by 'Britain under attack'?

It means the British Isles are in danger from the sea. Global warming causes the sea levels to rise and atlantic waves are getting taller. This is a threat to coastal areas in North, West and South.  Also The East coast is sinking and slowly vanishing into the North Sea. ( Holbeck Hotel in Scarborough). There is also a serious danger of flooding especially for London from the Thames, which is why the Thames Barrier was built.

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