History - The Roman Period (43 - 410)

11 important questions on History - The Roman Period (43 - 410)

In what part of Britain did the Romans live and in what not? Who lived in the other parts?

The Romans lived in Britannia, which covered England and Whales. They imposed their way of life on the Celts. The Celts stayed in Ireland and a celtic tribe called the Scots invaded present-day Scotland.

In what city is partly from Roman origin?


What is remarkable about the Romans? 

They left very little behind in Britain. The only lasting reminders of their presence are place names like Chester, Lancaster and Gloucester, which include variants of the Latin word castra meaning military camp.
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What is remarkable about the Roman time in Britain?

They didn't leave anything behind but some names of places like Chester, Lancaster and Glouscester. (castra means military camp)

In many parts of Europe (but not in Britain) the Romans bequeathed two important systems – which are they?

A system of law and administration which forms the basis of the modern system and a language which developed into the modern Romance family of languages.

What people settled in large numbers in Britain


The Roman province of Britannia covered which two nations?

England + Wales

How can you explain the emergence of two distinct branches of the Celtic group of languages?

It was during this time that a Celtic tribe called the Scots migrated from Ireland to Scotland, where along with another tribe, the Picts, they became opponents of the Romans. This division of the Celts into those who experienced Roman rule (the Britons in England and Wales) and those who did not (the Gaels in Ireland and Scotland) may help to explain the emergence of two distinct branches of the Celtic group of languages.

What is Hadrians Wall?

It is a 73 miles long and 27 feet high stone wall, built to along the Northern Britannia border (today's English-Scottish border) to keep out the Celts and Pics from the north. It is now a well known association for English people with Roman Times.

Mention important dates in the Roman period (43-410)

  • 55 BC = Julias Ceasar lands in Britain, wins a battle and leaves
  • 45 AD = The Romans come to stay
  • 61 = Queen Boudicca leads a bloody revolt against the Roman occupation
  • 410 = The Roman leave Britain

What is Hadrian's Wall?

Hadrian's wall was built by the Romans in the 2nd century across the northern border of their province of Britannia (today's English-Scottish border) in order to protect it from attacks by the Scots and the Picts from the north.

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