Geography - Scotland

4 important questions on Geography - Scotland

What does the landscape of Scotland look like?

It consists of three clearly marked regions:
  • the Southern Uplands, just north of the Scottish-English 'border' (small towns far apart from each other - sheep farming)
  • a central plain (more than 80% of the population of Scotland lives here)
  • the Highlands (mountains, deep valleys and numerous islands off the west coast)

Which are Scotlands two major cities? What do you know about them?

Glasgow and Edinburgh
Glasgow is the largest of the two. It is associated with heavy industry and some of the worst housing conditions in Britain  (in the district called the Gorbals). However, Glasgow has a strong artistic heritage and has been European city of culture in 1990. Glasgow has received many immigrants from Ireland.

Edinburgh is called the "Athens of the North", because it is associated with scolarship, the law and administration. It has many fine historic buildings and a rock in the middle of the city on which stands a castle. Edinburgh Festival of the Arts is famous.

Why is Edinburgh sometimes called the ‘Athens of the north’?

It is associated with scholarship, the law and administration, many fine historical buildings and its topography.
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In what part of Britain are the Grampian Mountains?

In Scotland.

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