Holidays and Special Occasions - Other notable annual occasions

4 important questions on Holidays and Special Occasions - Other notable annual occasions

What are the 3 most notable annual occasions in the British year (next to Christmas)

Guy Fawkes Day
Own birthday

What is celebrated on Guy Fawkes Day/Night?

To remember the Gunpowder Plot, children make a Guy, go sit in the street and ask money for it (to buy fireworks). In the night the fireworks and bonfires are everywhere. People also bring food to the bonfires, like potatoes and marshmallows.

What is 'Shrove Tuesday'

also known as Pancake Day. Started when in past centuries lent was a time of fasting, both egg and meat were forbidden. So you ate your leftover meat on Monday and your eggs on Tuesday, in pancakes. In modern times there is no fasting, but there are events like pancake races and pancake tossing contests.
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Where is the village Gretna Green in Scotland known for?

when it was forbidden In England to marry before 21, couples went to Scotland to get married there. Gretna Green was the first stop to Scotland.
the village is still known as a village in which people get married of a mock ceremony on St. Valentine's Day

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