Attitudes - Privacy and sex

3 important questions on Attitudes - Privacy and sex

Why does Britain has one of the highest rate of unwanted teenage pregnancies in Europe?

Private affairs are kept private. Talking about sex is not bad, but it is still embarrassing. Children are not well educated about sex. The Victorian undercurrent remains, and this may explain why Britain has the highest rate of unwanted teenage pregnancies in Europe.

Why does England have the highest rate of teenage pregnancies?

Because the sex education is inadequate (teachers are too embarassed to talk about sex and so are parents); it is high among the many poor people and because of working parents => lack of supervision.

Describe the British attitude towards sex and its consequences.

British feel quite strong about their privacy and do not like 'rude' questions about their personal life. They demand a very puritanical standard of behaviour for public figures. Politicians are supposed to keep their public role and private activities strictly separate. Although sex is talked about on TV quite openly nowadays, it is still considered a private matter at a personal level and too embarassing to talk about, which results in the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Europe.

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