International relations - transatlantic relations

4 important questions on International relations - transatlantic relations

Between what countries is there a so-called special relationship?

This 'special relationship' is between Britain and the USA. It has been with ups ( through Britain's support for American campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan) and downs ( Suez, and the American invasion of the Carribean island of Granada). People do feel close to the US because of the shared language, but  do not like the power of the USA. The Special relationship declined in significance since Britain joined the European Communities.

Explain why Britain's role as 'the world's policeman' was gradually taken over by the USA after WWII.

This was due to the decline of the British empire. The loss of wealth, prestige and authority and the former colonies  rapidly becoming independent caused a decrease of power and this gave the USA, with its upcoming economy and increasing military power, the opportunity to take over the role of most powerful nation in the world.

The public feeling about the relationship with the USA has two sides. Which two?

  1. It is reassuring to be so diplomatically close to the most powerful nation in the world and the shared language gives some sense of belonging. 
  2. There is some mild bitterness about USA's power and little distrust, but remarks are often made about Britain being nothing more than the 51st state. 
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Why did the special transatlantic relation declined?

Because Britain joined the European Communities.

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