Summary: British Studies

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  • 1- Country and people

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  • What are the British Isles?

    Great Britain, Ireland and all the islands together. Used in 19th and 20th Century. Now only a reminder of the times when Ireland was politically dominated by Britain.
  • What is Britain/British?

    Used when talking about something to do with the UK (Great Britain and N. Ireland). Great Britain, GB, Britain/British.  
    Officially The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (The United Kingdom, UK).
  • Who is John Bull?

    A fictional character that personifies Englishness.
    Often appears at football or rugby matches.
    Appears as a typical  18th century country gentleman evoking an idyllic rural past.
  • What does the British bulldog represent?

    British bulldog stands as a sign of toughness and tenacity for English people.
  • Why is the Welsh flag not on the union Jack?

    Because Wales was annexed by England in the 1300's.
    In 1707 England joined Scotland and the union Jack was created. Later Northern Ireland joined and the cross of Patrick was added.
  • A brittish bulldog, a lady sitting: who is it?

    Brittania refers to England south of Caledonia.
    Trident in her hand, helmet on her head.
    The trident she holds represents the rule of the seas
  • Explain the British love of animals, where does it come from, how do you see it? (the Queen has lots of corgis)

    Their love for nature, living in the country instead the city, tradition.
    Foxhunting, bird tables in gardens.
  • During international sporting events, there are divided loyalties

    The origin of immigrants. Those descending from other countries, although they are british, will prefer to support their original fatherland.
    Occurs also between the 4 british nations when 2 nations play against each other.
  • Northern Ireland is considered a polarised society?

    Northern Ireland is Protestant, the rest of (Republic of) Ireland is Catholic.
    Communities are separated by walls.   
    see also: Battle of the Boyne, Plantation of Ulster. The IRA. Tar and feathers.
  • England has a divided line. What does it signify?

    North and South division
    North: poor, industrial, less-educated, friendly.
    South: snobby, rich, countryside, educated.

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