Molecular Information Flow and Protein Processing

4 important questions on Molecular Information Flow and Protein Processing

Three nucleotide sequence that recognizes a codon on the mRNA


Binds both the cognate
amino acid and the tRNA that contains the corresponding anticodon,
thus ensuring that each tRNA receives its correct amino acid

Aminoacyl-tRNA synthase

What is the function of the acceptor stem of a tRNA?

The acceptor stem codes for amino acid sizes; the bases of the anticodon code for amino acid polarities. Amino acid properties therefore dictate how tRNA bases are recognized by aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases.
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What steps are required to form a charged tRNA?

Starting at the top, a free amino acid is bound to the synthetase followed by the appropriate uncharged tRNA. Covalent coupling of the two is catalyzed by reducation of an ATP molecule to an AMP molecule, which is recycled along with the uninduced synthetase.

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