The Microbial World - Probing Cell Structure: Electron Microscopy

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What do electron microscopes use instead of photons?


Wat zijn de twee soorten elektronenmicroscopie?

  • TEM
  • SEM

What are the two type of electron microscopes?

  • Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
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What is transmission electron microscopy (TEM)?

In transmission electron microscopy (TEM) electromagnets function as lenses. The system operates in a vacuum. It has a high magnification and resolution (0.2 nm). Specimen must be very thin (20–60 nm). Specimen must be stained (high atomic weight: Au, Pb). This method enables visualization of structures at the macromolecular level.

What is scanning electron microscopy (SEM)?

Using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) a specimen is coated with a thin film of heavy metal (e.g., gold). An electron beam scans the object, scattered electrons are collected by a detector, and an image is produced. Even very large specimens can be observed using this method. The magnification range of an SEM is between 15x–100,000x.

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