Microbial Metabolism - Energy-Rich Compounds

7 important questions on Microbial Metabolism - Energy-Rich Compounds

By which two bonds can phosphate be bonded to organic compounds?

Ester and anhydride bonds

Which phosphate bond is energy-rich and which one is not?

Anhydride bonds are energy-rich and ester bonds aren't.

How is energy conserved in cells?

Energy conservation is accomplished through the formation of a set of compounds containing energy-rich phosphate or sulfur bonds.
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What is the name of the molecule that consists of the ribonucleoside adenosine to which three phosphate molecule are bonded in series?

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

In what form is the energy released in the hydrolysis of coenzyme A conserved?

The synthesis of ATP

What is the name of the energy needed to maintain cell integrity when a cell is in a nongrowing state?

Maintenance energy

What does a cell do in the absence of an available energy source?

A cell breaks down polymers to make new cell material or to supply the very low amount of energy.

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