Microbial Metabolism - Glycolysis and Fermentation

7 important questions on Microbial Metabolism - Glycolysis and Fermentation

What is glycolysis (Embden-Meyerhof-Parnas pathway)?

A series of reactions in which glucose is oxidized to pyruvate.

Does the first stage of glycolysis consume or produce ATP?


In which stage does the first redox reaction of glycolysis occur?

Stage 2
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How many ATP molecules are consumed and synthesized during the first two stages of glycolysis?

2 ATP molecules are consumed and 4 ATP molecules are synthesized

Which form of catabolism produces more ATP molecules? Fermentation or respiration? Why?

Respiration, because the product, CO2, doesn't contain a significant amount of free energy. In contrast, fermentation produces energy-rich compounds which are discarded by the cell.

In how many stages can glycolysis be divided?

3 stages

Does fermentation or respiration occur when redox balance is achieved in the last stage of glycolysis?


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