Metabolic Pathway of Microorganisms - Anoxygenic Photosynthesis

4 important questions on Metabolic Pathway of Microorganisms - Anoxygenic Photosynthesis

In which two classes do reaction centers fall?

  1. Quinone type (Q-type)
  2. Iron-sulfur type

What kind of reaction center do purple bacteria use and what is the special pair?

Q-type kind of reaction and two molecule of bacteriochlorophyll a is the special pair.

What is reverse electron transport?

An energy-requiring process driven by the energy of the proton motive force. The electrons come from electron donors of quite positive reduction potential. This mechanism is used to obtain reducing power to reduce CO2 to cell material, if a Q-type reaction center is used.
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Why does an iron-sulfur type reaction center not need reverse electron transport?

The FeS-proteins have a much more electronegative reduction potential and therefore reverse electron flow is unnecessary. The generated electrons are ultimately transferred to a protein called ferredoxin.

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