Metabolic Pathway of Microorganisms - Principles of Respiration

5 important questions on Metabolic Pathway of Microorganisms - Principles of Respiration

What are two mechanisms of anaerobic catabolism?

  • Anaerobic respiration
  • Fermentation

What is anaerobic respiration?

Anaerobic respiration is when electron acceptors other than oxygen are present to accept electrons generated from the oxidation of electron donors. Less energy yield than with oxygen, but it is still considerable.

Why is more energy available from aerobic respiration than from anaerobic respiration?

Because the O2/H2O couple is most electropositive.
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Which alternative electron acceptors are used by facultative organisms when O2 is limiting?

Electron acceptors that are fairly near the O2/H2O couple.

In what form does reducing power occur and for what is it used?

Reducing power is typically in the form of NADH, but some anaerobes also use it in the form of reduced ferredoxin.
Reducing power is used to reduce inorganic compounds, so that they can be used as sources of N, S, and C in new cell material.

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